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Is your pet at an optimal, healthy weight?


Are you seeing more waddle than wiggle? Over 54% of cats and dogs are overweight or obese in the United States. While the little bit of ‘baby fat’ on your best furry friend may look cute, obesity in pets can lead to some very serious health risks. Your pet relies on you to maintain a healthy weight and maximize their quality of life.

Here is what Motiv’s Healthy Weight Program can do for you pet:


• Identify, achieve and maintain your pet’s ideal weight

• Improve overall health

• Help your pet lead a balanced life with exercise, nutrition and fun!


The proper diet and exercise program can make a difference. Weight reduction and maintenance for your pet is important for a healthy, long life. Extra weight can reduce playtime, impact mobility and effect the overall health of your pet. Weight gain can be caused by a variety of reasons such as age, over-feeding, and lack of exercise.


At Motiv, we can help put your pet back on the road to a healthy weight and a happier life.

We provide professional nutritional support and guidance combined with a customized exercise program to meet your pet’s healthy weight needs.  Scientifically tracked weight loss, and full communication and partnering with your veterinarian maximizes your pet’s Healthy Weight success.


At MOTIV, we make exercise fun and rewarding!

Contact us today to start your pet on a Healthy Weight Program!

Betty working hard on the water treadmill.

“I loooove my workouts!”

London enjoys a healthy life!

“Thank you to my Mom, and to Becky for taking the waddle out of my wiggle.  Who knew cats can swim too? I love swimming at Motiv. Swimming has helped me lose weight, improve my heart health, and I can zip around again and play.” - Betty

All therapy services are performed with the supervision of a California licensed veterinarian.

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