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Therapeutic Laser Therapy This is the latest technology in animal health care utilizing a non-invasive therapy. The Class IV therapeutic Laser Therapy is unique, in that it has a deeper effect, thus better results. Low Level Light Therapy assists with healing and reducing pain at the cellular level by altering the cellular activity that inhibits tissue healing. The deep penetrating light allows relief of pain through the release of endorphins and stimulates the injured cells to heal at a faster rate. Laser Therapy aids in healing with almost any medical condition.


Low Level Light Laser Therapy Utilizing a Class IV Therapy Laser benefits those animals healing from almost any medical condition, especially spinal conditions, arthritis and wounds.

Daisy relaxes while she gets her laser therapy.

I am as cool as these glasses make me look.

This happy pup knows this makes him feel better!

Oh- I feel so good after a Laser Therapy treatment. After my spinal surgery, I got to come for full rehabilitation treatments with Motiv. The Laser treatment feels so good as it enhances healing and reduces pain. And how cool are the doggles I get to wear for Laser Therapy! I am a lucky dog. I have now found my forever home, thanks to Peace of Mind Rescue, I am healing fully thanks to Becky, all giving me more time to play with my family while being pain free. - Daisy

All therapy services are performed with the supervision of a California licensed veterinarian.

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