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Swim Fitness is the perfect activity for your canine’s continued good health. The pool is heated to a therapeutic level, assisting the body with improved circulation. Swimming gives a buoyancy effect allowing limbs to move with less force from gravity, reducing stress on the joints. This aids in circulation and helps reduce pain. Swimming is recommended for any canine to build confidence and strength, weight management, and to burn some extra energy. Swim Fitness is loads of fun too.


Many clients continue Swim Fitness even after they complete their Therapy sessions. Motiv recommends swim fitness programs after completing rehabilitation programs for continued strengthening.


Exercise is crucial to the health and well-being of a physically fit dog. Come swim your dog’s way to health, and add to the quality of their life.

“You should see me do my agility now! My person, Pam, has been bringing me to Swim Fitness at Motiv for 6 months now. Swimming has made me strong with renewed stamina. I am a lean mean competing machine now in that agility ring. It is impressive the difference swimming has made. It is the new stronger Mele! Swimming at Motiv is just good fun too. Since I am a mature citizen now, headed toward my golden years, swimming in the warm water helps keep me flexible and my joints fluid as well. I hope to do agility for many more meets to come. And with Swim Fitness on my side, watch me go! ” - Mele

All therapy services are performed with the supervision of a California licensed veterinarian.

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