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Therapeutic Exercises are designed to improve, restore and maintain your pet’s health and wellness while receiving therapy or fitness services. They incorporate exercises that work on core strength, musculoskeletal and neurological functions. Therapeutic exercises complement and enhance the custom services designed around your pet’s needs. A customized home care plan will be designed for you and your pet, utilizing similar exercises.


Examples of some therapeutic and fitness equipment that may be used to assist your pet

back to wellness and optimum condition:

Balance Board

Cavalettie Rails



Tactile Materials

Land Treadmill

Various Types of Therapy Balls


Physioball Therapy

Helps build core strength and dilating the spinal column while working on the ball. It is effective with arthritis, spinal conditions and agility dogs to accelerate their performance with improved strength, balance and spatial relationships.


Land Treadmill

More of a weight bearing exercise than water related therapies; it is great for improving movement for animals with spinal conditions and re-educating muscles and nerves back to normal function.


Massage Therapy

Every dog, active or not can benefit from massage therapy. It feels good while restoring

tissue function.


Exercise is crucial to the health and well-being of a physically fit dog.

“Look at me go! Do I love walking on this land treadmill. It has helped correct my gait and build strength in my back legs. When I started suffering from age related neurological deficits, walking became a problem. Becky helped re-educate my muscles and build strength so I could walk again and relatively pain free. I did lots of activities at Motiv, like Swim Therapy and the Physioball. They helped a lot too. For me though, give me that Land Treadmill, and I will walk forever.” - Pepper

All therapy services are performed with the supervision of a California licensed veterinarian.

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